Friday, May 4, 2012


It's that time again (luckily), time for Friday's four finds all under $15. I don't know if I can resist buying that gnome salt and pepper shaker...

Hope everyone had a great week. Mine was interesting for sure. After falling in love with an apartment in our neighborhood last month, having it fall through and go to someone else, having that person fall through and having the place be offered up to us, we finally will be moving into a bigger place come June! It's bittersweet for sure and tested my patience like none other, but I can sigh an exhale of relief knowing we won't be crammed into my little studio much longer. I think Otis is happy about more space as well! Expect a lot more home design posts in the upcoming months, I'm already busy planning (and fretting) every last detail.

Here's a little quote about patience, something I'm trying to get better at, by John Steinbeck. Floral design background is by Sage & Berries.

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  1. The gnomes are pretty irresistible. Congrats on finding/getting the new place.


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