Thursday, December 27, 2012


Can't believe that 2012 has come and gone. It's always exciting for me to anticipate a new year but at the same time, it makes me sad to realize how fast the time flies. I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a pretty special (and hectic!) one. Wedding year, here we go!

This week's Fab $15 includes some NYE essentials - sparkles, tights and loud lipstick! What are your NYE must-haves?

Still not sure what my plans entail, but I'll be sure to share when I do. Here here! See you all next year.


Fab $15 Sources // Gap Tights, Target Wallet, Sephora Lipstick, Target Flats


I finally downloaded some of my photos from our trip to Maine earlier this month. As I mentioned before, we went to meet my newest nephew, Kjelten (pronounced Kelton), and hang out with my sister Krista and brother-in-law Luke.  Portland, where they live, is where the majority of the people in Maine reside around - yet it still feels like a small little seaside village. The skinny brick streets made me feel a little bit like we were in Europe. As you can imagine, the food (not just the seafood!) is to die for and the shopping is pretty great too.

It was my fourth trip to Maine and each time I go I fall a little more in love with it. I could definitely see myself living there someday and look forward to our next trip back there. Miss that little man already!

We spent a day checking out the Old Port, Portland. So many great little shops, restaurants and little brick streets that make you feel like you're in Europe.
 Old Port
 Hanging in my sister's mud room. So cool.
 We had so much amazing seafood. This picture was from lobster night. Fresh off the boat!
 My new nephew Kjelten was pretty amused by uncle Kim.
 Moose, the first dog I ever did love.
 Sadly, we didn't catch any lobster.
Coastal Maine Popcorn shop = an entire shop dedicated to flavored popcorn.
 A perfect fall day at the beach.
 Awkward couple photo :)
 Vinegar and olive oil tasting stations.
 The cutest little smiles.
 A day in Camden, Maine. Cappy's Chowder House.
 Quaint little streets.
 Downtown Portland.
Miss you already, Maine!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012



Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break. I'm still coming out of a food coma and will share more about our little shin-dig soon.

I've been finding so many great quotes (accompanied by pretty pictures) on Pinterest and need to start sharing them. Love love love this one by The Fresh Exchange.

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Friday, December 21, 2012


As we all know, there are only three days left until Christmas! I'm starting to feel the mayhem that comes along with waiting too long to get presents, bake cookies and plan Christmas dinner. All of which I hope to accomplish this weekend..fingers crossed. 

Stocking stuffers are something I always forget to buy and they always end up being last minute picks. Sounds familiar? Have no fear! I've selected four fun stocking stuffers, all which can be found at popular stores in the U.S. and all cost under $15.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and merry Christmas vacation - however long it may be! This year, I will be making my first Christmas dinner for friends, taking advantage of 65 degree weather in December and hopefully doing lots of family FaceTime! It's going to be hard not being with family this year but I hope to make new memories and start some of our own holiday traditions while were at it. Cheers and Feliz Navidad! 

Stocking Stuffers (from top left, clockwise):

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Earlier this month, I took a trip to Maine to visit my sister's growing family. She had her first little one in October and I just had to meet the young man. We had such a relaxed, low-key time. It's always a great time visiting Maine and checking out all the adorable little towns along the East Coast.

The timing that I was there was perfect too. After working with Shana from The Ropes last year on a giveaway, I wanted to make sure I got to meet up with her on my trip. Well, it just so happened that her team was doing a holiday trunk show in Kennebunkport (hello, cutest town in America) while I was there at a great little shop called Spaces. It was so great meeting Shana and her team and checking out all her great new pieces had me wishing for summer already.

You can buy The Ropes online now (hooray!) at Spaces and be sure to check the brick and mortar shop out if you ever find yourself in the area.

INSIDER TIP: The Ropes is making necklaces now too in addition to their classic bracelets!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Can I just say how fast this holiday season is flying by this year? Can I also say that I'm sorry for my lack of posting lately and that this post didn't get out on Friday like it was supposed to?

Life has been crazy and between my trip to Maine (which I promise I'll be posting pictures of soon), work and Christmas coming in a few days, I just haven't had the time. I do hope to get back in the swing of it more in the new year though and have some really fun posts in the works!

This week's Holiday Gift Guide features four fun gifts, all under $15 for the little ladies in your life. Honestly, if those headbands and sweater fit me, I'd absolutely be wearing them right now!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week and I'll see you back here soon!

Gifts for the little lady:
1 // Knit Crown by Gap, $8
2 // Fawn Sweater by Old Navy, $12
3 // Headbands by Little Hip Squeaks, $10 each, packaged in three, however
4 // California Teething Toy (comes in almost all states!) by LittleSaplingToys on Etsy, $12

Friday, December 7, 2012


Is it just me, or are guys impossible to shop for? Because of this, I always find myself buying the same ol' staples for my dad, brother and fiance - ties, shirts and gimmicky electronics that they will never use. This week I've curated a group of gifts that I think any guy would love in their stockings this year, all while staying oh-so-very manly ;)

1 // Ninja Wasabi Soap for Dangerous Men, by ElixrSoap on Etsy, $5
2 // Rustic Beer Opener, by Areaware, $14
3 // Wood iPhone Skin, by TreeShell on Etsy, $13
4 // Gun Powder Candle, by Man-Cans $9.50

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Sunday, December 2, 2012


OUTSIDE // All these images remind me of my first road trip across the US on my way to California. Being in the middle of the desert on the open road is like nothing else.

image sources (clockwise from top left) 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

INSIDE // The southwest design can also be brought into your house. My favorite ways to incorporate the bold patterns are through rugs, pillows and blankets.

image sources (clockwise from top left) 1 // 2 // 3

ON YOU //  Another option is to incorporate southwestern patterns into your everyday style. Sweaters and scarfs everywhere, at ever price point, can easily be found.

image sources (clockwise from left) 1 // 2 // 3

Apology that a lot of these link to Pinterest and not the original source. If anyone has the original source on the Pinterest links, please let me know, thanks!