Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Just when I think spring is here to stay, BOOM it's 35 degrees again. What's up with you, Minnesota? In the spirit of wishful thinking, I've started mentally planning out what I hope to wear this summer. After working from home all winter, I'm completely over black yoga pants and sweatshirts. Missing my lighter San Diego wardrobe. Since I had to get rid of most of my clothes in order to move on a budget, I'm (very) slowly starting to rebuild my wardrobe. Trying to keep it neutral and classic, while splurging on a few quality pieces to anchor it all. Here's a peek at the look I'm going for!

1. Macey Dress by Parc Boutique (and it's local!)
2. Stylish Glasses (Had these pinned and can't find the link anymore - share if you know brand!)
3. Linen Scarf by Uniqlo
4. Scallop Bag by ASOS

Can I just say how happy I am that Birkenstocks are coming back in style? About time for some comfy sandals for these tootsies!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Excuse me while I dig myself out of hibernation. This is officially the first time since being back in Minnesota that I’ve blogged on here. Kinda embarrassing. And no, you’re not seeing things - it’s redesigned as well. A fresh start. Ahhh.

Quite honestly, I’m not even sure where to begin. Moving from California to Minnesota in the first place is a big change. This is especially true when you move from California to Minnesota during the worst winter in the current century. Oh, and right at the beginning of it. But hey, we’ve almost survived it. Spring gave us a little tease last week but now is continuing to play her harsh tricks on us with 30 degree mid-April.

The biggest change, however, has been going from a city with millions upon millions of people to a town of about 100,000. This has its ups and downs. On the upside, our neighbors no longer hear every last conversation we have in our own home. Everything that is posted on @targetdoesitagain isn’t sold out within 30 minutes (my Target shopping has reached an embarrassing level). My road rage has subsided. On the downside, I miss my friends in the baddest way. I can’t find even decent sushi. And I sometimes MISS the hoards of people. Pros and cons aside, it’s an adjustment, we have our good days and our bad days but we’re slowly settling into this new life.

Might sound cheesy, but it really is a whole new lifestyle. Kim and I are both now officially working from home. This has been “interesting” to say the least. Luckily we both have offices on different floors. Another perk to the Midwest - basements!  I’ve taken on freelance as a full-time job, helping companies with their communications, marketing and social media. Slowly but surely taking on more and more local clients and learning boatloads about industries I never thought I’d be a part of. Freelance is liberating in some ways but it’s been a major adjustment after working outside of the house for 60+ hours a week in San Diego.

In a few weeks we’re actually packing up AGAIN and moving across town. The place we’re in now was temporary from the get-go. It’s been a great place to adjust to the move but I never really settled in because we knew it was temporary. We’ll now be closer to town and have a lake just a few blocks away that I can take Mr. Otis on walks around all summer. This house is an older one and a lot more me. I’m getting excited to get in there and finally hang things on the walls, paint a bit and hopefully finally feel settled.

Overall, this move has been great for us. We’re spending a lot of time with each other, our family and our not-so-long-lost Minnesota friends. It’s been fun to get back home and be in a state where we can hopefully reestablish ourselves and rediscover everything I’ve always loved about Minnesota - the people, the pace, the roots.

Missed you!

This picture was from a weekend cabin getaway we had with some of my siblings in Hayward, Wisconsin.