Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome to Lovely Struck!

Presenting the new face of A Little Birdy Told Me! After a lot of thought and consideration, and based on the direction the blog was heading, I've decided to give A Little Birdy Told Me a whole new name and face. Welcome to Lovely Struck!

For the past few months I have been working closely with Dare Media Management on this pretty new header and design and am so excited about the way it turned out. Darrian is truly a gem!

What does this mean? All of my prior posts will remain on the blog it just has a new URL. If you subscribe via Google Friend Connect you will still receive daily updates and are still subscribed. However, if you have the link saved in your bookmarks, please update it with as the old link will no longer have any content posted to it. To follow this blog and all your other favorites, don't forget to sign up for the RSS feed here. Please excuse the dust and lack of posts around here for the next few weeks as I figure everything out. Hope you enjoy and can't wait to see where Lovely Struck goes!

New email: Drop me a note and let me know what you think!


Monday, March 26, 2012

dipped color-block mason jars

All the bright colors of spring have been inspiring me all around. It's reflecting in my apartment, in my wardrobe and of course on my fingers. With the less than perfect weather this weekend, I decided to whip out the ol' paint brushes and make something with items I already had laying around.

With the help of a few sponge brushes, painter's tape and Martha Stewart multi-surface paint I made these fun color-blocked mason jars and bright clothes pins to hang my latest order of prints from PostalPix.

The mason jars were so easy to do, just tape off the line where you want to paint {I like it to be imperfect}, paint on the color of your choice, and viola! These could be used for so many things- as a vase, a drinking glass, or for their original intended purpose, canning!

Tip: You will need to do at least 3 layers of paint when it is on glass.
Martha Stewart Colors: Geranium, Raspberry Ice, Beach Glass

spring forward

Spring has officially sprung, I'm feeling it all around and the extra hour of daylight is putting that extra little jump in my step {and finally encouraged me to go back to yoga after a few too many weeks away}. Here are some pictures of the things that are inspiring me this spring. Pops of everything BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT, contrasting of colors and bold patterns. Oh, and of course, all things coral. Could you tell?

1. ribbon backdrop, style me pretty {photo by sasha gulish} 2. turquoise top, asos 3. diamond tapestry, urban outfitters 4. colorful bike, public bikes 5. macaron tower, style me pretty 6. geo beaded necklace, a merry mishap 7. paxton oxfords, nordstrom 8. diy rope basket, design sponge {how genius is that}  9. neon leather mouse pad, freshly picked {i took at alt summit class this week by susan and it was amazing!}  10. bright bracelets by shana at the ropes

Friday, March 23, 2012

fab $15

WHAT a week! This week was literally a blur to me and this Friday is so welcomed. Presenting this week's four fab finds under $15. Happy Friday y'all!

1. yellow polka dot straws to jazz up any drink, shop sweet lulu 2. air plant grab bag keeps you guessing, toHOLD etsy 3. mini hearts to make everything cuter 4. emerald triangle earrings to make a statement, nordstrom

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Katie Maennle Designs, Your One-Stop-Shop for Birdcage Chairs & Southern Charm.

In a recent Google search for  "birdcage chair" I came across an amazing designer. Katie Maennle's design embodies Southern cuteness in my opinion. She has taken the vintage structure of the birdcage chair and transformed it into a beautifully modern piece. I mean, can you imagine rocking that in your living room?

Her use of bright colors, bold patterns and unique craftsmanship have me oohing and ahhing over each and every piece.

Her mission statement really says it all, "Katie Maennle is a lifestyle brand defined by the belief that a woman and her life should always be three things: playful, feminine and bold. We believe that style and substance are not opposing philosophies—that a fabulous dress empowers you, an embellished note card touches you, and an inspired home recharges you. We believe it’s these everyday moments of delight that make for a well-lived life." I couldn't agree more Katie!

She also designs fabulous clothes that any woman would feel gorgeous in and stationery that highlights her beautiful furniture. Stay tuned here as her spring clothing collection emerges.

Katie Maennle's work can be found in Austin, Texas (yet another reason I must visit soon) on West 6th Street.

1. birdcage chair 2. blue pillow pair 3. pinch me poster 4. wingback chair 5. yellow stripes chair 6. dress 7. red pillow set 8. birdcage chair stationery

Monday, March 19, 2012

oh marilyn

I'm pretty sure if you are woman living this century you have some level of interest {if not an obsession} over Ms. Marilyn Monroe. These never-before-seen photos of Marilyn were recently released and will soon be going up on auction. They were released from the estate of her longtime makeup artist, Allan "Whitney" Snyder. You can see more here.


Friday, March 16, 2012

link lovin'

Yay. It's Friday. I wanted to share a little link love from this week, blog posts I read that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I hope everyone has a nice and cozy weekend- rain is headed to southern California, oh my! Good excuse to stay in, catch up on Netflix and be with the people who matter, right?

image from my little fabric

  • A Cup of Jo: On falling in love: I absolutely love this post by Joanna. It's a letter John Steinbeck wrote to his son in 1958 about falling in {young} love. My favorite quote from the letter is the last sentence "And don't worry about losing. If it is right, it happens -- The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away." I think every teenager should read it.
  • This beautiful color story post by Ez at Creature Comforts. I love those sherbet colors, doesn't get much more spring-forward than that.
  • This totally honest post by Theresa at Inspiration Cooperative. What can I say, Theresa just always knows how to say it best!
  • This post by Lauren at Still + Life about the food scene in Charleston. Next trip, perhaps?

friday's fab $15

Presenting to you Friday's Fab $15. Four little gems all under $15. This week is unique in that every item is from Urban Outfitters online. They always have such cute and reasonably priced pieces. The heart shaped mug reminds me of all of my grandparent's Swedish mugs they drank their coffee out of growing up. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"night class" for bloggers: alt design summit webinars

Last week I participated in my first, of what I hope is many, Alt Design Summit webinars. Alt Design Summit, a.k.a. the bee's knees of blog conferences, is now offering customized webinars throughout the year in a variety of blog-realted topics, all taught by experienced and successful bloggers. Classes are only $15 and run a few times a week. Be sure to check out the roster of upcoming courses. Consider it night class for blogs!

My teacher was Melanie Blodgett of You are my Fave. She nailed the topic "Bringing Home the Bacon When Your Blog Isn't Huge". Everyone was able to talk amongst themselves, share ideas and network. I met so many other creative people through that single hour of my time. Definitely worth the investment. It also has me really itching to attend their yearly conference next year in Utah. A conference full of people who obsess over pretty things as much as me, sounds like my kind of trip.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

kate spade spring love

Some serious lust is occurring over here for the Kate Spade NY spring line. These accessories embody everything that I love about this time of year- bright colors, fun design and the feeling that summer is right around the corner. My paycheck needs to hide!

You might also like this Kate Spade NY video. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

fab $15

I know, I know. My "Friday's" Fab $15 is a few days late but here you have it!  This weekend got away from me so quickly. Maybe it was daylight savings or maybe it was this near-perfect weather. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here is last week's under $15 selection, featuring two really talented Etsy designers I recently discovered. Enjoy and have a bright and sunny week- especially all my Minnesota friends and family who will be having better weather than San Diego this win!

Off to watch the Bachelor finale. Who is it going to be???

1. heart belt 2. color-blocked tee shirt 3.airstream trailer magnets 4. chevron notebook 3-pack

Thursday, March 8, 2012

kony 2012

In case you were hiding under a rock today...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ahh..the butterflies of new {love} mae

If you read my blog regularly, you know how in love I am with the adorable decals from Love Mae. I was thrilled today to get a peek of their new items today in my inbox {it's the little things}.Seems like the perfect little gift for the Easter bunny to bring.

Friday, March 2, 2012

friday's fab $15

This week's four fabulous finds under $15. I'm being itched with colorful spring fever, can you tell? Happy weekend everyone. Make it one to remember.

1. confetti dots, etsy 2. color bangles, forever21 3. chalkboard spice jars, anthropologie 4. colorblock clutch, forever21

seven henrietta street for kate spade new york

Have you seen this video? I saw it over on the Rockstar Diaries and I can't stop watching it. Wins the cutest thing of the week award for sure. The video was made by Kinga Burza for Kate Spade New York last year. Great way to kick off the weekend and it is sure to put a little smile on your face.

instagram journal

February was a busy but happy month for me. My sister Krista came to visit from Maine last week and we had such a nice time vegging out, catching up on sisterly talk and dining out more times than I care to mention. When I had to work during the week she was a trooper and spent some quality time getting to know Otis and venturing around San Diego. He misses her already and so do I. Nothing better than family coming to visit.

Last Saturday my boyfriend Kim announced to me that he signed us for for a 5K for his boss' son's fundraiser. A 5K, he said, I figured I could handle that and start training. Next sentence out of his mouth was "it's tomorrow." So Sunday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn and headed out. I haven't ran consistently in over two years (and even when I was running consistently I was terrible at going beyond two miles). Happy to confirm that I am still alive and although I may have walked up the hills, I finished. We immediately followed the run by patting our own backs with a brunch at Small Bar complete with bacon/shrimp/celery/mushroom (the list goes on..) bloody mary's. Even though we may have erased all the calories we had just burned and it was "only" a 5K, it was still a sense of accomplishment and it felt good to be helping out with such a good cause.

This week has been a crazy one I tell you. Happy the weekend is near, and by the looks of it, it sounds like a beach weekend. Just what the doctor ordered.

Above are some pictures that wrap up my past few weeks of life.