Friday, March 2, 2012

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February was a busy but happy month for me. My sister Krista came to visit from Maine last week and we had such a nice time vegging out, catching up on sisterly talk and dining out more times than I care to mention. When I had to work during the week she was a trooper and spent some quality time getting to know Otis and venturing around San Diego. He misses her already and so do I. Nothing better than family coming to visit.

Last Saturday my boyfriend Kim announced to me that he signed us for for a 5K for his boss' son's fundraiser. A 5K, he said, I figured I could handle that and start training. Next sentence out of his mouth was "it's tomorrow." So Sunday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn and headed out. I haven't ran consistently in over two years (and even when I was running consistently I was terrible at going beyond two miles). Happy to confirm that I am still alive and although I may have walked up the hills, I finished. We immediately followed the run by patting our own backs with a brunch at Small Bar complete with bacon/shrimp/celery/mushroom (the list goes on..) bloody mary's. Even though we may have erased all the calories we had just burned and it was "only" a 5K, it was still a sense of accomplishment and it felt good to be helping out with such a good cause.

This week has been a crazy one I tell you. Happy the weekend is near, and by the looks of it, it sounds like a beach weekend. Just what the doctor ordered.

Above are some pictures that wrap up my past few weeks of life.

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  1. I love spending time with my sister too so I can relate to the bond you share with yours. At one time, my sister and I also lived in different States...That was hard. But that made us appreciate the time we did get to see each other all the more, in any form that we could manage it.
    Woohoo on running and finishing the 5K! You go!


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