Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Katie Maennle Designs, Your One-Stop-Shop for Birdcage Chairs & Southern Charm.

In a recent Google search for  "birdcage chair" I came across an amazing designer. Katie Maennle's design embodies Southern cuteness in my opinion. She has taken the vintage structure of the birdcage chair and transformed it into a beautifully modern piece. I mean, can you imagine rocking that in your living room?

Her use of bright colors, bold patterns and unique craftsmanship have me oohing and ahhing over each and every piece.

Her mission statement really says it all, "Katie Maennle is a lifestyle brand defined by the belief that a woman and her life should always be three things: playful, feminine and bold. We believe that style and substance are not opposing philosophies—that a fabulous dress empowers you, an embellished note card touches you, and an inspired home recharges you. We believe it’s these everyday moments of delight that make for a well-lived life." I couldn't agree more Katie!

She also designs fabulous clothes that any woman would feel gorgeous in and stationery that highlights her beautiful furniture. Stay tuned here as her spring clothing collection emerges.

Katie Maennle's work can be found in Austin, Texas (yet another reason I must visit soon) on West 6th Street.

1. birdcage chair 2. blue pillow pair 3. pinch me poster 4. wingback chair 5. yellow stripes chair 6. dress 7. red pillow set 8. birdcage chair stationery

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  1. Wow. I love the pillows...and they are a great deal too!


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