Monday, March 26, 2012

dipped color-block mason jars

All the bright colors of spring have been inspiring me all around. It's reflecting in my apartment, in my wardrobe and of course on my fingers. With the less than perfect weather this weekend, I decided to whip out the ol' paint brushes and make something with items I already had laying around.

With the help of a few sponge brushes, painter's tape and Martha Stewart multi-surface paint I made these fun color-blocked mason jars and bright clothes pins to hang my latest order of prints from PostalPix.

The mason jars were so easy to do, just tape off the line where you want to paint {I like it to be imperfect}, paint on the color of your choice, and viola! These could be used for so many things- as a vase, a drinking glass, or for their original intended purpose, canning!

Tip: You will need to do at least 3 layers of paint when it is on glass.
Martha Stewart Colors: Geranium, Raspberry Ice, Beach Glass


  1. These look so great! Love the colors! And now I have to investigate PostalPix - I didn't know about that?!

  2. Great ideas. So happy and bright and easy to do. They look great x

  3. How fun. I really like the colours you've chosen for the jars.


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