Thursday, April 24, 2014


Just when I think spring is here to stay, BOOM it's 35 degrees again. What's up with you, Minnesota? In the spirit of wishful thinking, I've started mentally planning out what I hope to wear this summer. After working from home all winter, I'm completely over black yoga pants and sweatshirts. Missing my lighter San Diego wardrobe. Since I had to get rid of most of my clothes in order to move on a budget, I'm (very) slowly starting to rebuild my wardrobe. Trying to keep it neutral and classic, while splurging on a few quality pieces to anchor it all. Here's a peek at the look I'm going for!

1. Macey Dress by Parc Boutique (and it's local!)
2. Stylish Glasses (Had these pinned and can't find the link anymore - share if you know brand!)
3. Linen Scarf by Uniqlo
4. Scallop Bag by ASOS

Can I just say how happy I am that Birkenstocks are coming back in style? About time for some comfy sandals for these tootsies!


  1. I bought my first pair of Birks two weeks ago and LOVE THEM! I got the tan suede Arizona style and wore them in... Arizona! I am also so happy they are back in!

    1. How fitting! Haven't owned a pair since like 8th grade but I'm so behind it! The AZ style looks muy comfy.


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