Friday, January 25, 2013


My obsession with cheese is nothing new. When you grow up in the Midwest, cheese basically is a food group. I would never dare eat my potatoes, pretzels and even veggies with a little bit of the yummy stuff. I never knew that cheese curds and mozzarella sticks weren't on every menu in America until I moved to California and was sorely disappointed when the craving hit. Luckily a Wisconsiner quickly befriended me and saved the day with what seemed like weekly orders of cheese curds from her family's Wisconsin cheese shop - thank you Sunny!

Luckily though, the lack of cheese curds and other deep friend varieties led me to discover new versions that I never knew existed - I would eat burrata on everything if that was possible.

 Anyways, the last few years I've been pretty obsessed with making delicious cheese boards and love trying new combinations. If a board has (in addition to some yummy cheeses) olives, apples, nuts and honey I'm pretty set. I saw this post a while back on A Cup of Jo blog that explains how to make the perfect cheese board if you need a little inspiration.

All of the above "cheesy accessories" can be found for under $15. Also if you are ever in San Diego and looking for a little of the good stuff, stop by Venissimo - great service and choices - just not a great smell :)


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{Fab $15 is a collection of four fabulous finds from the week, always for under $15.}

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