Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As many of you know, back in December Kim and I took a trip out to Maine to visit my sister and her new little family. I shared here about my Maine crush and how I could totally see us living there someday. My sister Krista has immaculate, classic style that exudes that seaside New England vibe. I love her style because it doesn't change - she doesn't stray too far from what she knows works and I wish I had a bit more of that in me. I am way too all over the board in that regard..actually in most regards! 

So, I was thrilled when she said I could take pictures of her home to share here on the blog. Every corner of their house is so put together and so them. 

More photos to come!


  1. What a nice house, it looks so cozy, especially with the wood stacked up for the fireplace. With the low temperatures we have right now in the East I bet she get's a lot of use out of it. Also the fisherman door stopper is adorable!

  2. This house is beautiful. I absolutely love it the quaint, yet fresh feel of it. Can't wait to see more pictures.


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