Friday, January 18, 2013


I say it every weekend, I try to muster the strength to do it every weekend, and every weekend I end up making excuses not to do it. A big ol' house cleaning that is. I'm fine doing a room or a corner at at time, but cleaning my entire apartment (it's small and only two bedrooms, haha!) is a daunting task to say the least. After being sick for nearly two weeks and spending most of my extra time laying on the couch, being "germy" and looking at the little reminents of Christmas still lingering (a ribbon here, an ornament there) I've told myself that I HAVE to get my act together this long three-day weekend and just do it. People with big houses, I have NO idea how you do it. I'm secretly hoping that by writing this down and talking about it that I will hold myself to it.

Not going to be a fun weekend but hopefully I will feel a lot better once it's over - mentally (the messes I create make me crazy) and physically (GERMS BE GONE!).

Fittingly, the Fab $15 picks of the week are related to cleaning. Maybe if I had all these tools I'd actually want to clean? Doubt it, but they sure are cute.

Now that you all probably think I'm disgusting, I do hope you have a more exciting weekend than this lady!

1 // mint smiley dust pan, world market, $15
2 // common good soaps, mignon kitchen, $6
3 // mop bucket, west elm, $16 (ya, ya, I went a dollar over, so sue me)
4 // vegetable brush, west elm, $8 (those veggies need to be clean too!)

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{Fab $15 is a collection of four fabulous finds from the week, always for under $15.}

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