Sunday, January 6, 2013


Happy New Year everyone! Do you make New Year's resolutions? I'm always scared to make them for fear of not following through but I'm trying one out this year. If there is one resolution that I'd like to hold myself to this year it's simplifying my life a little more. I'm not just talking about cleaning out my closet - I need to simplify my schedule, my thoughts (my brain never shuts off) and yes, my home. Sounds easy enough but I have a funny feeling it won't be so simple. I want to believe that if I can simplify those aspects that the rest of life's craziness will fall into place - eating better, not shopping so much, relaxing, doing more yoga - you get the picture...

Problem is, I'm such a sucker for all the latest trends and am constantly buying little knick-knack and sub-par quality clothes. From now on I'm trying to shift my focus to only buy high-quality pieces that I can have for the long run. Here are a few things that seem like they could simplify someone's life (ok, my life, but I won't buy them all I promise!). Note the neutral colors, high-quality and classic items.

Let's do this 2013!

a // wallet, iphone case combo, amazon b // fog linen towel, anaise c // light grey jacket, she inside d // turkish towel, textile e // transport tote, madewell f // triangle binder, ferm living g //pink wire basket, ferm living h // ruffoni copper saucepan, anthropologie i // falcon enamelware bake set, pigment (can't get enough of this line) j // threshold organic blanket, target k // sam eldman petty boots, piperlime (have and <3 these) l // barr co. soap, bath and unwind


  1. I love the items you selected. I am definitely with you in wanting to simplify this year. Last year I got MUCH better about not buying things on a whim, and saving for nicer, timeless things. This year I need to purge. I have way too much stuff, and such a hard time letting go and I don't know why! When I have gotten rid of things, I can't name a single piece that I miss, or even remember. Thank you for this post, it is getting my brain back where it should be, thinking about making more space.

  2. The jacket is awesome, unfortunately I own way too many already. Also love the checkered dish towel, I have a scarf that looks exactly like it. This year I don't want to buy many clothes because I already own a humungous closet full of things. And you know my resolution about hitting the gym again. So far I haven't been this year ;)


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