Monday, October 24, 2011

a midwestern fall

So I seriously jumped the gun last week when I was bragging about how I packed everything into a carry-on. I froze the entire trip and should have packed a coat and more sweaters! Either I have forgotten how cold it gets back home in the fall or I have become a total weakling from living in southern California. Either way, the trip to Chicago and Minnesota was so much fun. I got to spend quality time with my mom, sisters and friends and finally see {and shop} Chicago as an adult. Here is a mix n' match summary of my trip in iPhone Instagram photos. Such a beautiful time of the year...

Minnesota fall

Flying into Chicago

Sparkle Toms and Minnesota Ground

Vintage Mason Jar Gift From my Godmother

Chicago Skyline
Thrifting in Minnesota {wished I had a bigger suitcase that would fit these beauties!}


  1. Gosh, Marit, is there anything you can't do? Now I see you are an accomplished photographer!

    You continue to amaze me!

    Take good care.


  2. Love the photos! Glad you got to take advantage of the midwest this past weekend because the nice weather isn't gonna be around too much longer!


  3. Great images- those are the most fun pair of Tom's shoes I have ever seen!

  4. Your trip does indeed look very dreamy ! ( ANd I have also been guilty of bragging about having only a carry on and then not having the clothes I actually needed ! ) - ( found you via BYW )


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