Monday, October 10, 2011

is it friday yet?

This Friday I will be hopping a plane and flying to the fancy city of Chicago. My mom had an 'important' birthday this year and my sisters and I will be traveling from Maine, Iowa, California and Minnesota to the windy city for a little girls weekend in the city to celebrate. After that adventure I'll be heading back home to Minnesota for a very brief stay to see my family and friends. I've been looking online to see if I could find any new spots or ideas for my trip and instead looked at all these pretty pictures and art for the better part of an hour. Here are some pretty pretty pics of my two fabulous Midwestern cities. Happy birthday Mom!


images via: 1.Glasses: F*YeahChicago  2.Chicago Heart City Map: Lucius Art, Etsy 3.Chicago Door: Style Me Pretty 4.Ferris Wheel: Rehana Royer Flickr 5.Theater: Deviant Art 6.Bike View: Matador Sports 7.Illustration 8.Lake Michigan: Favim 9. Chicago Art: MursBlanc, Etsy


images via: 1.First Snowfall: F*Yeah Winter, Tumblr 2.Word Art: Locality, Etsy 3.Art Print: Aaron Draplin 4.MN Boys: Art Holdings 5.Skyline, Neil Naoma Wilkinson: Pinterest 6.MN in the Snow: Dribbble 7.Barn: Washington Times 8. Heart Sticker

I haven't been to Chicago for a few years- any suggestions on restaurants/activities for us? Appreciated!



  1. how fun!! i love chicago!

    last time i was there i went to sprout (dale from top chef owns it) and it was SO good!!

    enjoy your trip :)

  2. thanks for the suggestion! just checked it out- trout with bacon and strawberries? sold!

  3. How wonderful! I love this post & your photos.

    My mom is celebrating an "important" birthday as well that my sisters & I will fly in for!

    I wish you all wonderful time & hope that your mom feels treasured. Can't wait to read about it!

    Have fun,


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