Tuesday, October 11, 2011

find a reason to celebrate

Visiting Shop Sweet Lulu's online store always makes me want to pop a bottle of champagne...in my pajamas...on a Tuesday. I sadly have no parties planned, but you never know the the chance to celebrate will pop up right? Case in point, I just placed an order for my 'just in case' party. This place is no Party City- it's an online party decor store with the cutest party decor, including stripey straws {which I strongly believe everyone needs stocked in their kitchen-- along with a bottle of champagne}, cake stands, pom poms, humongous balloons and every other little detail to turn your regular old party into a celebration. Here Here...just because!

Balloons, $5

Cupcake Stand, $15

Candles, $13.50

Cake Stand $40

Straws, $4 for 20

Tissue Decor, $4
All photos via Shop Sweet Lulu

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  1. All this stuff is adorable! Thanks for turning me on to a new site. I was stopping by after seeing you in a BYW forum. Going to start following!



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