Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Ikea, I love you. I swear each year their designs keep getting better and better. For this week's Fab $15 I've selected four picks from their online store at prices so low you can get them all!

My latest home decor love has been this boldly patterned pillow cover (#4), which my couch is currently rocking. It's a really thick material and is easily washable. I've gotten so many compliments on it and love the reaction on people's faces when I mention it was a $10 Ikea score.

I also think I need to go get these whiskey glasses (#1) for Kim - he always has a new whiskey cocktail up his sleeve. I'm a chronic glass breaker, so at $2 you can't go wrong with these vintage-lookalikes.

Love cacti but don't live near the desert? You can buy these cuties (#3) for only $3 at your local Ikea!

And finally, I don't know what I would actually do with these bottles, but boy are they pretty! Might need to buy a new perfume and fill up the pink one with it. How fancy I would feel!

See more of my Fab $15 posts here. Have a wonderful springy weekend!

{Fab $15 is a collection of four fabulous finds from the week, always for under $15.}

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  1. Yet another reminder why we need Ikea to open up in NZ! I want everything! x


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