Friday, August 10, 2012

FRIDAY'S FAB $15: 08.10.12

Hello again. I've said it before, but I'm always so excited to do the Fab 15 posts because it means that the weekend has officially begun. It's been a bit of a long week but I've managed to take a few breaks and have a little fun. We went to the Packers/Chargers game yesterday {we cheered for the Packers of course} where we sweated our life away and ate fatty foods. Yesterday also marked one year until we tie the knot- let the countdown begin! I'm heading to the Bridal Bazaar this weekend at the Convention Center so I'm hoping I can get a few more ideas {as though I'm not on idea overload already!} and meet some of our vendors. What is everyone else planning on doing this HOT weekend?

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  1. great tote! hope you had a fab weekend xx

  2. You find the best stuff! I love the tote and the egg holder is great.


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