Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today I'm just going to ask you, my readers and friends, for some basic wedding advice. What was one piece of advice that you heard that is just too good to share // or something little that someone told you before your big day that meant a lot to you? I say this almost weekly, but there is just way too much info out there that I've gone into shut-down mode and I still have almost a year...

Currently, I'm personally contemplating a lot on music, finding a style to stick with (without going overboard like I tend to do), finding a dress that seems to fit my personality and figuring out how to build a guest list at a place where the max capacity is less than my initial brainstorming list.

Comment below with your personal advice // things you were told // things you wish you would have known // etc. I'll be sure to share the feedback in the future.

Art by Wayne Pate. it's called "Contemplating Hockney" and seemed appropriate.


  1. My husband and I got married just over 2 years ago. My biggest piece of advice is to NEVER forget why you're doing this--it's a celebration of the fact that you and your fiance want to be together and stay together.

    It's honestly hard to keep sight of that once you get into the planning stages, because everybody and their brother has an opinion on "the right thing to do", and there are a million different directions you can take this thing.

    It's just a party! You can't please everybody, and you shouldn't break the bank over it. After that, you can't lose--once you know you're marrying the right person, the day will be magical no matter what you do.

    Congrats to you and your man!

    (Also, in case you're interested, you can see pics of my wedding here:

    1. Great advice Michelle and I totally know what you mean. I think far too often people (I've found myself there as well) get way too involved in the details and forget the real meaning that you're there.

      Love your wedding day pictures, they make me miss home! The tissue poms are too cute as well :)

      Thanks again for letting me know about your comments not posting. Think I fixed the issue, we will see :-/

  2. The only advice I can give is to make sure you step back and take it ALL in – be in the moment!!
    as the day goes by SO fast that it seems like a dream….
    a beautiful dream!

  3. Oh gosh, Marit, sorry to hear you're feeling overwhelmed, which (yes) can happen quite quickly. I actually got engaged and then waited a year before I even started planning because I was dreading that overwhelming feeling. In the end, I started thinking of the wedding as one big dinner party with (a few hundred) friends, rather than a wedding. For some reason, that took some of the pressure off. I just wanted everyone to have a great time with great food, music, and libations.
    Michelle and Anastasia gave the perfect advice above - Remember the day is for you and your fiance, take time to enjoy the process, and, on the actual day, take pause as much as you can so you can take it all in. It will all work out.

  4. Joining you on the overwhelmed-ness. Also, I really, really love that you, me and Alison are all engaged at the same time! We need wedding stress cocktail hour. Like...soon!


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