Thursday, February 2, 2012

sucker for searsucker

One thing you may not know about San Diego, but should, is that it has so many amazing restaurants tucked into every crevice of town. Twice a year the California Restaurant Association puts on Restaurant Week where some of the city's best restaurants open their doors to us average people. You are able to experience places that you maybe wouldn't consider going on a normal occasion and try some of their best dishes through budget-friendly prix fixe menus. I, for one, take full advantage of restaurant week. This year I paraded all over this city and tried somewhere new {what felt like} every night. Must say, my top pick this year wasn't a dinner selection at all. It was Searsucker's $15 ohmygoshsogood lunch selection. For $15 I had a short rib sandwich that melted in my mouth, simple salad, tomato tarragon soup, french fries with brown butter, a tangy/sweet-to-perfection lemon bar and to top it all off, a picture-perfect atmosphere. That place is designed beautifully floor to ceiling.

Restaurant Week sadly has come and gone but it will be back this summer, my friends. In the meantime, gather your friends and grab a drink and dinner at Searsucker. You will be happy you did. Cheers!

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