Monday, February 27, 2012

toast to spring

Toast, the classicly chic UK clothing & interiors shop, now has its spring collection sneak peek on its website. For us in the U.S., they luckily offer reasonable international shipping- so load that virtual cart up already.  

I know it's only February, but Toast's clean and fresh line has me thinking all about spring's longer days, blooms and happy people emerging from their winter hibernation. It's basically always spring or summer in San Diego, which I'm very thankful for, but something I really miss about Minnesota is how energetic everyone gets once 50 degrees strikes. Everyone gathers outside in tee shirts, grills out with friends, sees their neighbors for the first time in four months and gets ridiculously giddy. Miss that. Let the spring fever begin here and everywhere.

1. spiced fig jam 2. sen raincoat 3. stripe jersey tee 4. macausland's blanket 5. yaki teapot 6. wool draped pullover 7. twill stripe tea towel 8. storm lantern wicks

all images via Toast


  1. You're right, living in Southern California we don't get proper seasons and thus can't fully appreciate season change as much as our friends who live in real winter climates. However, that doesn't stop us from wanting and loving Spring. My calendar reads: March 20th First Day of Spring. We're really almost there.
    Love your picks. Hello orange parka!

    1. Isn't that raincoat amazing? I need to get on your page and celebrate the seasons {I sadly didn't even know what day spring started}. You are right, even though the weather doesn't change, the mood/excitement still can!

  2. I love the jouney i am taken on when i open my toast catalogue. So much beauty, their stories are always lovely!


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