Friday, February 24, 2012

LA, I love your Pie Hole.

When some sweet people I know in LA opened up a pie shop recently, I knew I had to go. I finally made it up to LA for my birthday weekend in January and am oh-so-happy I did.

The Pie Hole, tucked away in downtown LA's arts district, is a pie lover's heaven. From sweet to savory, they have every type of homemade pie you can imagine and great coffee to sip on along with it. My friends and I sampled plenty o' pie and our bellies were very full and happy once we left. I personally loved the mac n' cheese pie & the poached pear for dessert, although every piece was perfect. The Pie Hole is most certainly worth the drive up to LA {yes, even the 2 hour drive from San Diego!} to get your pie on.

Thanks ladies {& Sean!} for making it a pie-fect birthday lunch.

Photos via Sonya Delebreau & my iPhone


  1. oh my gosh those photos look amazing! Poached pear pie sounds fantastic!


  2. happy belated birthday! the pies look delicious! i'll be in la for a wedding in summer and if i have time i'll check it out. did you try wurstk├╝che, a sausage, fries & beer place around the corner?

    1. thanks for the bday wish :) i haven't been across the street but need to stop by next time i'm up there!

  3. Well, if you can make the two hour drive from San Diego that is saying something about the greatness of these pies. I am a bit closer, so I may have to take your advice.


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