Tuesday, February 7, 2012

domino is baaack. well, kind of.

photo from dominomag.com

Design lovers, mark your calendars for April 17. Conde Nast has announced that Domino Magazine, the beloved magazine of all interior design magazines, will be coming back with a special limited "Quick Fixes" edition, hitting news stands in April.

It's been three years since Domino closed its doors but I continue to go through my heaping collection of past issues a few times a year and daydream/drool over the pretty pictures, happens every time. Hopefully there will be more special editions to follow, please, pretty please? Read more about the issue here. {m}


  1. They really need to bring this shelter publication back. Don't they hear all the outpouring of love and longing from bloggers everywhere?! I'm marking my calendar along with you.


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