Thursday, January 19, 2012

happy birthday to the most handsome man in all the land

Happy 4th birthday to my sweet little guy, Mr. Otis! I adopted Otis four months ago and already can't imagine not having him by my side. I never knew how hard having a dog would actually be {it's true} but also would have never imagined how much a dog could melt my heart and make me start talking in awkward baby/monster voices.

I love his big floppy ears and how they get wet when he drinks water. I love his big clumsy paws and how he can't go up the stairs with out tripping over them. And I love how he will shred every stuffed toy to pieces except for his elephant {thank you Dugan & Sadie the angel}, which he carefully carries around like it's his baby.

Cheers to the pups!


  1. How cute is Mr. Otis? He reminds me of my beloved cocker Spaniel (R.I.P) have fun with him!!!

  2. What a beautiful photo, M! Happy belated birthday, Otis.


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