Thursday, November 10, 2011

a {simple} place for people

The business motto says it all: a place for peopleCounterpoint is a favorite neighborhood hangout of mine. I love a cozy, unfussy spot and it certainly doesn't hurt that this one is right down the road from me. This Golden Hill staple is located on 25th Street in between E and F, just a few short steps from the lovely mid-century vintage shop, The Nest.

The staff are all extremely friendly, fun and knowledgeable about food and beer and make you feel like you are just hanging out in someone's living room. If you are hungry, their fried bologna sandwich is melt in your mouth delicious {really} and I always start my meal off with their pain frites. You won't be disappointed if you order either I promise. Happy hour runs Tuesday-Friday: 5-6 and Saturday-Sunday: noon-6, featuring $3 selected drinks.

Cheers {m}

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