Tuesday, November 22, 2011

hgtv magazine

In the midst of my recent eight hour layover in Minneapolis I came across the new HGTV Magazine at the airport newsstand. I found myself reading it over and over and over again all the way back to San Diego. HGTV always has such creative people and ideas and the magazine stays true to that theme. The pages are filled with home improvement tips, pretty pictures, inspiring people and my favorite part: a peek into current real estate around the states. I haven't been so swooned by a magazine since Domino was around.

Here is a peek into the magazine if you haven't already checked it out. Put this on my Christmas list Santa!

I particularly loved this page. I am in love with that teal paint color. The magazine even tells you the names of the different paint colors featured, how handy is that?


  1. First of all, I had no idea there was an HGTV magazine haha - secondly, I LOVE that bronze color against the teal walls!


  2. Totally grab a copy if you see it, I got sucked right in. Isn't the teal great? I'm thinking of painting my kitchen with it!


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