Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello hello! I hope you are all doing well. My trip home to Minnesota was so nice - time with family and friends, freezing cold weather and autumn colors in every direction. One of my oldest friends got married and it was just a really great weekend. I was also SO thrilled to come back to San Diego and realize that the weather had finally decided to cool down. Good riddance to whatever that was you tried to pull this summer Mr. weather!

I'm now off for another little trip up to LA this weekend to see some friends and experience my first Rose Bowl Swap Meet - I can't wait!

On to this week's Fab $15...I'm a firm believer that you can't go wrong with gold and I'm starting to think that includes gold with a little honeycomb on top. This week's roundup includes just that combo with a title "honey comb home" after one of my favorite songs by The Head and the Heart. Listen to them if you haven't. You won't regret it. I promise.

See you back here next week. Can't wait to get back into the blogging groove. If you want to follow along with my LA adventures, be sure to follow along with @LovelyStruck on Instagram. I'll be there.

1. ornament (oh yes i did!) $6
2. honeycomb glass $8 each
3. earrings $8
4. cream vase $14


  1. have fun at the flea! bring a couple of tote bags

  2. i've heard the rose bowl is amazing! have a great time xx

  3. Love the vase. Hello Target here I come! I hope you will be sharing all the treasures you found at the Rose Bowl with us...


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