Friday, September 14, 2012

FRIDAY'S FAB 15 // 09.14.12

Yay! We made it through another week. It's been SO hot here in San Diego - 100 degrees today, can you believe it? Hoping to stay inside this weekend and drink lots of smoothies, with the fan blasting, in a cold bath, listening to Christmas music. Too far?

Above are my four picks this week, all finds for under $15!

Got the brush that I used from Ez over on Creature Comforts this week - aren't they great?

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  1. this made me laugh. the first cold/gloomy day in fall i ALWAYS blast the christmas music.

  2. Love the brush effect - thanks for the tip - will have to try it! It's cold here in NZ so the heat that you're experiencing really appeals .. I can't wait for Summer! x

  3. Yes honey! Way too early for Christmas music!! :)
    I love Skinny Laminx....
    Enjoy that cold bath xx

    1. haha, leah, just saw this for some reason! i forced myself to turn off the xmas music :)


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