Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Bathrooms and kitchens really overwhelm me if they are too busy. I've been guilty in the past of buying things with a gazillion different patterns and styles just because they were cute - kitchen towels, containers, dishes, knick knacks, you name it.

In the past few months I've been trying to simplify a lot of things in my life and clutter is definitely one of them! My goal is to get rid of a lot of my mismatched pieces and develop one simple palette that I can stick to - with storage to hide the uglies. Greys and whites seem to be my go-to for simple colors and that's exactly what inspired my new bathroom mood board. Well, with a little splash of gold, of course.

And really, what would Don Draper do?

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  1. We're in the middle of bathroom reno #1 (in fact, we came home today to find that our contractor had been by to put baseboards in and we didn't know it!), and I hear everything you're saying! I'm in full on clutter-clearing mode nearly all the time. Just wait until I get started on my master bath!

  2. You’re correct. A bathroom is an area of relaxation and comfort. Too much colors or designs can be too stressing to the eyes, which ruins its purpose. Shades of white and gray are soft on the eyes, so those are the better color choices for a bathroom. As for the kitchen, tools and other stuff that are not frequently used should be kept away; it’s very confusing to work in such a setting. If you’re going to add decorations, they must not interfere with the functionality of your working space.


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