Monday, September 10, 2012


My apologizes for being m.i.a. this past week. This San Diego heatwave has had me completely unmotivated to do anything but sit on my couch with an air conditioner and watch HGTV and dream of cooler weather. Lucky for us, fall is right around the corner. I can't wait for the days of pumpkin lattes, Halloween candy and cozy sweaters!

As we transition into fall (sooner hopefully than later), there are so many pieces that I hope to incorporate into my wardrobe. I'm loving that bright colors, dots and chambray aren't going anywhere - at least not in my closet! 

Some of my top picks:
01. studded heel ballerina shoes
02. boyfriend cords
03. foreign travels satchel
04. sweatshirt dress
05. chambray tunic
06. palette trousers
07. dotty blouse


  1. Love your round up! I would wear it all. Already own a cords in that color and plan on wearing it with a chambray shirt for fall. Although I would like to hang onto summer I still look forward to my fall outfits...

    1. I'm with you Nina! Maybe it's cause I can't dress very warm out here, but I'm always way more drawn to fall/winter clothes than summer!

  2. your picks are perfect! enjoy fall, our spring is rapidly feeling like summer. eek xx


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