Thursday, May 9, 2013


Although it may not seem like it, I am in fact still alive. It has been one heck of a spring and I just realized how long it has been since I've blogged! I knew there was a reason that I was so behind and once I started going through my iPhone pictures I realized JUST how busy this spring has been. On top of wedding planning, I have been doing a lot of traveling and it seems like the time for keeping up with this blog of mine has slipped away from me. 

If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen most of these pics already, but here is a recap of what my life has consisted of since March! Promise to have more posts for you --  just might not be very frequent until after the ol' wedding.

In late March I took a trip home to Minnesota where my family threw me such a great wedding shower. Got to catch up with so many great friends, show a CA friend around MN, and hang out with my family. I'll be sharing more pics from the shower very soon!

Kim Turned 30
My man turned the dirty 30 in April. We spent the night sipping cocktails at Searsucker and eating Thai food. Pretty perfect day.

Also in April, I went to Phoenix to celebrate my cute little goddaughter's second birthday. Was so fun to be there, I need to make it happen more often. San Diego is so close - yet so far!

A few Sundays ago, a group of friends and I took a day trip up to Temecula, Southern California's wine country. We sipped some great wines, said goodbye to a friend who is moving back to the Midwest and had some ridiculous conversations.

Last weekend Kim and I ventured up to San Francisco for the wedding reception of our friends Alison and Preston. We had so much fun playing tourists in the city (Alcatraz, oh yeah!), eating our weight in food and walking a lot! Man is that city hilly! The dinner was a traditional Chinese banquet with 10 courses - so amazing that I didn't even get pictures of it! If you are ever in San Francisco, R&G Lounge is where it's at people.


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