Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In February, Kim and I took a trip up to Point Dume in Malibu for our engagement pictures. Our wonderful photographers, Kimberly and Andre, owners of We Call This Love Photography, were the nicest and oh-so-talented.  

I'll be honest - I was a little nervous. I hadn't had professional photos taken since high school and had no idea what to expect. But you know what? We walked away from our photos so excited and had such a good time doing them. Kimberly and Andre made us feel so comfortable and we are so excited to have them along side us on our big day this August. Even if you don't think you want engagement pictures, I highly recommend them because they get you comfortable both in front of the camera and with your photographers.

Below are some of my favorites from the day. You can see more on the We Call This Love Blog. Thanks again guys, we love them and feel so lucky to have had this amazing day captured through your lens.

Oh yeah, Otis was there too!


  1. What fabulous pictures! I haven't come to your blog in awhile and I thought I should pay you a visit! Your photographers are really special - you will cherish these pics for many many years!

    Will you be taking any blogging classes? I may take another Holly BYW class. What I do like about her class is that it makes me blog more! I did sign up for a very interesting class that you might find interesting - it's Mom Blog to Money blog, given by Lori of Tip Junkie blog. She gives so much information in this online class. I have only done a few things that she recommends so far, but I am slowly working on making my blog better.


    1. Thank you Linda! I have been terrible with updating my blog lately, due to my upcoming wedding and crazy schedule. I do hope to take a class again this fall and get back in the swing of things! Let me know how Lori's class is!


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