Thursday, July 5, 2012


Living in a new place, I'm trying to make my interior choices a little more, ahem, grown-up. I've ventured out and had a lot of fun with color in the past few years but when I sit back and look at what colors my place is comprised of, its honestly a bit of a mess when it comes to colors and consistency in colors.  Another problem I'm having is lighting. The natural light isn't as strong as it was in my old place which makes me a little sad. Oh, and did I mention there is track lighting? Yup.

So, while perusing around for new lighting fixtures I'm definitely being drawn to classic, simpler colors. Not going to lie, the whole stainless steel, silver everything just doesn't do it for me. Something about brass fixtures seems so elegant and unexpected to me. I'm hoping to incorporate something along these lines into my mix and simplify my decorating act a bit.

01. diy brass lamp by weekday carnival
02. via elle interior
03. copper pendant lamp, urban outfiters
04. mushroom lamp, sadie & stella


  1. I agree, I love the brass. Harder to find isn't it? Let me know what you come up with. So fun decorating a new place! Teri

  2. Love the first chandelier!Fellow BYW blogger.


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