Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hope everyone had a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving! I look forward to the day after Thanksgiving every year, not because of Black Friday (although I enjoy that too!), but because nobody can judge you at that point for putting out your Christmas decorations.

I love holiday decorations so much that there are little hints of Christmas in my home year-round. White deer heads and snow globes never go into storage around these parts. Even if you think tinsel and bright lights are obnoxious (I so don't!), or you are afraid that red and green are cheesy, there are still so many great neutral-toned ways you can jazz up your house around the holidays. I think the images above do it oh-so wonderfully.

How about you? Any Christmas decor that never quite makes it into storage?

From top to bottom:
diy rope light strand by a merry mishap

nutella cookies by hungry rabbit nyc 

pink antler decal from plaza interior

heart & antlers from basic label sweden

merry christmas window decal by unfinished kitchen door


  1. I like them all but especially the rope one. Maybe it's because I bought some at Home Depot to do some crafting. I haven't unpacked my Christmas decorations yet but hopefully next weekend!

  2. These are all so beautiful!! I love their neutral, understated feel. xx


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