Wednesday, April 25, 2012


If there is one thing that San Diego definitely has {besides amazing weather} it's an array of dog-friendly places. From parks and beaches to bars and hotels, San Diego will let you take your pooch almost anywhere with you.

I absolutely hate leaving my little man Otis home all day {the guy has separation issues and it breaks my heart- and wallet} and I love knowing there are places nearby that I can take him and let him run it out. South Park is probably the most dog-friendly area that I've found in San Diego if you are looking to move to or visit a neighborhood with your pooch. Here is a list of my favorite dog-friendly haunts.

1. Coronado Dog Beach- located just north of the Hotel Del, this is probably the cleanest and least crowded off-leash dog beach in town. Oh, and not to mention, Coronado has one of the most beautiful beaches in California and the dog section is no exception {this is where the photo above of Otis was taken.}

2. Fiesta Island Dog Park-  this is definitely Otis' favorite place on Earth. We always joke that its Disneyland for dogs. Located in Mission Bay, it's a large 'island' filled with sand dunes for them and pretty flowers for you. With access to the bay right across from SeaWorld, dogs can hop in the water for a swim or chase birds all day long like ours does. It's about two miles around so its a great place to take a walk or jog without having to hold a leash. Regulars take immaculate care of the park and it shows.

3. The Station Tavern- the Station Tavern in South Park is first and foremost an amazing burger joint. Filled with South Park locals, the place is always filled and has indoor seating, outdoor seating and a gated playground for the kiddos. My second favorite part? It's dog-friendly! Otis loves sniffing out the other dogs and getting pet by everyone there while we have our burger and beer. On the menu? Be sure to get their black bean burger and sweet potato fries {with paprika sauce.}

4. Grape Street Dog Park- the most social of all the dog parks I've found, located in the heart of South Park, this is a great place to let your dog run wild and meet some of your neighbors while you're at it!

5. Pizzeria Luigi- while they don't advertise being a dog-friendly restaurant, Luigi's does allow dogs on their outdoor porch. Located on 25th Street in Golden Hill, Luigi's has some of the best pizza I've had. No really. My favorite is to order their pizza and beer combo, two pieces of pizza and a beer for under $10! There are always plenty of families there (many with their pooch) enjoying the food and casual atmosphere.

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